Fortune Energy products have been widely used in roof, residential and commercial buildings, ground, water, and various application scenarios.

Residential PV Projects

Now, thousands of houses in the world are equipped with high-efficiency residential PV system designed and installed by Fortune Energy, which not only reduces the household electricity expenditure, but also enjoys the great improvement of the environment brought by green and clean energy. Some countries and regions can also obtain a stable income of more than 20 years through electricity sales and government subsidies.

Commercial PV Projetcs

Medium and large-scale commercial projects provide system owners with a new way of investment in which the low failure and high efficiency operation play a key role. Through professional survey, design and installation, Fortune Energy keeps your power station away from all external factors and keeps stable power generation.

PV Application Projects

Fortune Energy perfectly integrates solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and energy storage solution to make clean energy products everywhere.
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